How to Grow Herbs - Easy Tips to Get You Started

If you look back in history, you will find that herbs have been grown for thousands of years by most civilizations throughout the world. No matter what kind of climate you live in, there are herbs that can easily be grown in your area. An herb garden is not complicated. You don't need to be an experienced gardener to have a successful herb garden. We'll show you some easy ways to get started in this report.
A lot of herbs are classed as perennials, and they keep coming back, year after year, after being planted just one time. Many popular herbs, such as oregano, lemon balm, mint, lavender and sage fall into this category. For a first time herb gardener, the perennial herbs are a good way to start. These plants tend to be hardy, and there isn't as much maintenance required. Annuals are the second class of herbs. They are seeded each year and must be started over at the beginning of the next season. They don't carry over like perennials. Cayenne peppers are considered an annual herb plant and are delightful for your spicy recipes. You can also dry them for later use and, after they are dried, you can grind them into cayenne powder. You can successfully grow both annuals and perennials. Just make a note of which plants fall into which category so you can plant them accordingly.
When hydroponic gardening was introduced, it immediately became a very sought after method of gardening for a lot of people. You don't need any soil to grow a hydroponic herb garden. There's less maintenance with this type of gardening, as you don't have to worry about weeding and pests such as insects are less likely to attack your plants. You don't have to be concerned with adverse weather conditions because a hydroponic garden is inside, not outside. Higher power consumption is one of the main drawbacks when using hydroponic gardening. If you're in an area with high electricity rates, you need to be aware that hydroponic gardening requires the use of ultra violet lights and this can be pricey. Yet many people find that a hydroponic herb garden is the most convenient type of garden to have, so it may be worth considering.
yuccas plant
Whether you want to have a large herb garden or just start with a few plants, you should start out with a plan. As long as you really want a garden for some herbs, and you know why, then you need to know if you want them in pots or in the ground, and whether the sun will shine on them long enough, or if you even have enough space.
Do you want vegetables and flowers with your herbs, or do you want them to be all alone in your garden. Different varieties of herbs need different things, but six hours of light as a minimum is pretty standard for most kinds of herbs. If this is difficult for your conditions, you have to seek out herbs that do better in shade. Your herbs will grow better when you have done careful planning from the beginning. There is nothing more delightful than fresh cut herbs straight from your own garden. So, whether you want to grow your own herbs because it's a fun thing to do, or to enhance your cooking, it just plain makes sense. Lack of experience growing a garden isn't a viable excuse for not having your own fresh herbs. They don't require experience and they don't need a lot of space - a cup on your windowsill planted with basil would be delightful. Follow these simple steps and tips and, with very little work on your part, you can be enjoying your own freshly grown herbs.

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